jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

Who's for breakfast?

Tim Crawford is a CIA agent. He is in his car on a very quiet road. He is on his way to his mother's house in the countryside. Suddenly his car stops. Tim want to phone is dad, There isn't a dialling tone. This is strange, 'Tim says. Tim looks around and sees the roof of a big house on a hill. There are many trees around the house. Tim decides to walk to the house for help.
The house is very big. It has got two floors and the front doors is open, too. There is a big red car near the door. Tim can hear voices. 'Great! says Tim. 'There are people in the house.'
Tim stands at the door and rings the bell. 'Hello!' he says. 'Hello!' he says again. But there is no answer.
Tim is suspicious, He decides to enter the house. He has got his gun in his right hand. In the sitting room, the radio is on there is a suitcase on the sofa.
In the kitchen the door of the fridge is open. There is some floor on the food and there isn't any food in the fridge. There are four cups of coffee and some biscuits on the table. There is a newspaper on a chair and there are two school bags near the table.
Tim calmly goes upstairs. The bedrooms are very untidy. The the wardrobes are empty and there are a lot of clothes on the floor. In the bathroom there is a lot of water in the bath and the tap is on. Tim confirms his suspicions: there aren't any people in the house.
Tim decides to go back to his car. He turns off the tap and he closes the windows. Then he goes downstairs, he turns off the radio and he closes the front door of the house.
On his way to his car, Tim sees a small white light in the sky. He gets into his car and drives off. He turns on his mobile phone. There is now a dialling tone. Tim is not surprise. This is not the first case of an alien invasion. The government doesn't want panic among the people. This is a new secret file.

Bueeeeeeee, que copada esa historia :l no sé porque me gusto -.-

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